Living Barefoot

As I am literally on my way to Boston in five minutes, I post my thoughts on Living Barefoot.  The corporate office asked for stallholders to send in their experiences and this is the one that I sent in…. 

What does Living Barefoot mean to you? 

Well, I first thought of some great sound bites – Living wide awake.  Laughing everyday.  Reading to make meaning of the great unknown.


But then I sat and thought about what living barefoot really means in our home, everyday.


Almost everyday I struggle with my 3 year old to put on his shoes when we leave the house to go to swim class or anywhere for that matter.  Our driveway is blue stone gravel, bumpy and jagged.  He cringes with every step that he takes from the porch  to the car, as I run behind with his shoes trying to catch up, shouting, “STOP! You are going to hurt your feet!” 


Sometimes he cleverly, slowly side steps along the grassy outskirts of the driveway and takes only a few quick sharp steps to his side of the car.  Other days he just bee lines from the porch to the car, through the harshest path.  Muttering “ow, ow, ow” the whole way but reaching the car with great satisfaction.


He puts on his shoes, once he’s seated in his car seat.


I think at this point it is a game to him.  Can I make it to the car without hurting my feet?  Before mommy catches me?


Hmmm. Crazy huh?  Such is everyday.


As I work  at this mommy gig, year after year, I learn much from my children. 


Living Barefoot means taking risks.  Testing oneself.   Problem solving.  Getting hurt, sometimes.  Celebrating small victories.


Making the best of the worst run to the car.


Forgiving oneself when one needs  to take the longer, softer way around.


Sitting down to put one’s shoes on.


My 19 month old has just started taking off his shoes, as soon as he sits down in the car.


Here we go again.




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